Associação Salvador launches App Portugal Acessível Mobile

Association Salvador, sponsored by PT Foundation and Microsoft, launched in March this year an App for smartphone named Portugal Acessível Mobile that allows access to information on accessible locations in Portugal.

This application is a extension . It allows the user, portuguese or foreign, to know which accessible places to people with reduced mobility who are holidaying in Portugal. Can be used on any smartphone, with system iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Portugal Acessível Mobile provides information about 3500 sites, including restaurants, lodging, beaches, culture and leisure, transport and others. Is also being envisaged the possibility of available accessible tourist itineraries, such as in site.
The reliability of the information provided on Portugal Acessível Mobile is guaranteed by a member of the Association Savior who personally visit all the places mentioned in the application.
This application is a free download and can be downloaded on the website of the Associação Salvador and platforms that downloading applications.
Salvador Mendes de Almeida, founder of the Salvador
“The new Portugal Acessífvel Mobile app is not a mere guide sites accessible to people with physical disabilities, it is also a way to explain that for a society to be democratic, it is essential that everyone, without exception, have the right to access the same locations on equal terms. Portugal Acessível Mobile is one more way to help in the inclusion of people with physical disabilities and move towards a more equitable society. Moreover, we also want to promote accessible tourism, enabling foreign tourists with reduced mobility have access to useful information that can facilitate your stay “
José Carlos Baldino, CEO of PortugalTelecom Foundation
“This is a good example of how technology can help improve the quality of life and integration of people with disabilities, ensuring universal accessibility for all to the Information Society.”
 Patricia Fernandes, Director of Public Relations, and Corporate Citizenship Microsoft Portugal
 “We are particularly pleased to see the Accessible Portugal reach the Windows Phone platform. Providing permanent and mobility of information on the accessibility of spaces will surely be a great asset for all who rely on these data to make their choices,” stressing that “See a good web design transformed into a next generation mobile application is exactly what drove Microsoft to support embryonic Association Salvador to make this project come to fruition.”

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