Oporto’s Tape Library

Versão Portuguesa

The Oporto’s Municipal Public Library, through the Oporto’s Tape Library

provides non-musical phonograms or “talking books”, to blind or partially sighted people. This service is available in the physical environment also has some titles on the Internet.
The Oporto’s Tape Library serves the blind and amblyopic population since November 1971. The creators of this project were inspired by the Royal Institute for the Blind StudentsTape Library.
The mission of this library is to provide the reading recorded visually impaired.
This service is unique to the blind and visually impaired. To access phonograms pre registration is required, which must be authenticated by the library services. After authentication has been made you will have direct access to all the available audio books at the library and on the Internet.
The works available rondamos 6000 titles, nearly 60,000 hours of sound, covering all areas of human knowledge, literary genres and thematic. On the Internet the number of audio books is about 500.
Due to budgetary constraints the recording of audio books is made by the library volunteers made ​​pot, usually people connected to the ​​communication area . If you want to be a library’s volunteer you can fill and application at the Oporto’s Municipal Public Library or SMAV – Municipal Service Support to the Volunteer.
Fontes/ Sources :

Contactos/ Contacts:
Rua Dom João Iv 17, 4049-017 Porto

Telefone/ Telephone: 225 193 480

 GPS Localization
41° 8’46.22″N 41°


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