Cascais, a Town of Excellence

The Municipality of Cascaisis from September 17th  on, Member of the Network “Cities and Towns of Excellence.” The presentation of the award took place in Session Room of the Municipality of Cascais. Then gave up hoisting the flag confirming the village as an official member of that organization.

The creation of the  horizontal office  “Accessibility for All”, in 2011, had  the aim to follow the best of what was being done in the County in terms of access and share all information with municipal services. This sharing of information allowed to create value, with plans for accessibility, in several projects, helping to promote Accessible Tourism.
Through the office created in 2011 it has been possible to increase a culture of pedestrian accessibility, monitored by the Center General Implementation of accessibility that allowed by the “Local Plans Accessibility”, the elimination of barriers preventing the creation of places not accessible
The Institute of Cities and Towns Disabled is an association of private nature, public interest and nonprofit. Its objective to sensitize, inform and train technicians and citizens about the need to build social territories Mobility, in accordance with the policy guidelines set out in the development strategy of the European Community area. In addition to promoting a new culture of mobility at all levels strives for building inclusive cities and towns, the use of sustainable transport, defense and preservation of historical, cultural and social, and also by developing solidarity with people with reduced mobility.

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