Herewego , accessible places worldwide.

    Herewego is a  portuguese smartphone app for Accessible Tourism that informs tourists with disabilities or conditined mobility of the sites accessibilities, as well as allowing to  book a host that will show the tourist destination place a more friendly and familiar way .

The idea that led to the creation of this application came after Luisa Aguiar , having worked as a producer and tour manager of the company inclusive dance ” Dancing with a Difference ” found that there was very little information relating to accommodation, transport and entertainment for people fisical impairments. However , in 2012 , Luísa was unemployed but realizing that time was that Accessible Tourism in the area  she wanted to work . Through a mutual friend met Filipe Freitas , graphic designer ,they  joined ideas, so this project was born . In 2013 won the StartWEB , and were in 2 nd place in prize.
Who can be a  host ?
Anyone who has knowledge of  their  city and its accessibility and knowledge to carry out a visit with a person with disabilities , can become a host. May be a therapist , health professional , social worker , tourism professional, people with or without disabilities , or even a company with specialized services for disabled tourists .
  The authors of this project aim to create a global network of local hosts for tourists with disabilities have more optin when choosing their  travel destination. To access to HereWeGo , both hosts with tourists , have effect a registration  at
Special thanks: Luísa Aguiar

Promotional Video

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