Museum of Work Michel Giacometti

Located near the port of Setúbal,  in one of the oldest areas of the city with a breathtaking view of the magnificent estuary of the River Sado and the Troia Peninsula is the Museum of Work –  Michell Giacometti.
The museum is located in an old canning factory, the Perienes, which was acquired by the municipality of Setúbal in 1991. There is open to the public an important collection: the ethnographic collection of own Michel Giacometti and related parts traditional professions of maritime activity , shipbuilding, agricultural work and canning industry.
The main objective of this space is the preservation and dissemination of the world of work techniques. There is a space for temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions. In the space of permanent exhibitions we can find the “Mercearia Liberdade – A heritage to safeguard.” This is the reconstitution of a Lisbon grocery store from the early twentieth century, whose estate provided by the owners the Municipality of Setúbal.
For blind people, there is a folder with documents in Braille organized by the Accessibility Group in Museums. This document can be requested at the reception.
The design of the building was taken into account the issue of accessibility, essentially motor. So there are  ramps, one lift with sufficiently wide doors for wheelchairs and prams. And the doors of the different technical spaces are twofold. For budgetary reasons the museum don´t have a  audio guide system.
Michel Giacometti,
Michel Giacometti was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, France, in 1929. During  his adolescence discovers his taste for writing and the arts, founding various journals.
In 1956, after completing a BA and Ethnology at the Sorbonne, he began a campaign aimed at collecting ethnographic elements of the Mediterranean islands, which he never  concluded.
His connection to Portugal is done by his wife, Isabel Ribeiro. In 1959, establish themselves in our country.  Michel  immediately began to work in the collection of sound recordings and other ethnographic pieces of our country. Of all the works which brings greater visibility is the “People still Sings” program aired in 1970, the RTP (Portuguese Radio and Television Broadcasting).
In 1985 the Portuguese Government acquires the sound files of Michel Giacometti’s. 1987 the french ethnographer dies and is buried in the Alentejo town of Perogurada, Beja district.
Largo dos Defensores da República,
2910 Setúbal,
Phone: (+351) 265 537 888
Special thanks:
Jean-Jaques Pardete Museum of Work Michel Giacometti

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