" Cinema cycle for inclusion."

On June 13th,  the Association Mithos Exemplares will organize  ” Cinema cycle for inclusion.” Admission is free.
The   Mithos Histórias  Exemplares  Cinemateque in partnership with the Vila Franca de Xira Parish Council will hold several film screenings followed by a discussion on various topics related to disability ranging from sexuality, disability and inclusive communication. These Film sessions will take place on days 13 June, 11 July to 12 September always at 3 P.M.  at the  Parish Auditorium.
In this first session, already on Saturday the film “6 sessions” that addresses the theme of sexuality in Disability. I n the following sessions will be displayed “Intouchables” and “Sign”
“The mithos – Exemplary Stories – Association Support multiple disabilities is a non-profit association that works on behalf of disabled citizens.”
The entrance  is free.
Parish Council Auditorium
de Vila franca de Xira
Avenida Pedro Victor N.º21-A
2600-221 Vila Franca de Xira
GPS location:
N 38’57’11.973 “
 W8’59’20.041 “
T: 263 209 507
Mobile: 963 877 695
Mobile: 963 877 706 (Chair)
email: mithos.associacao@gmail.com
 Special Thanks:
Mithós Histórias Exemplares

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” 6 Sessions”


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