Funchal is applying for the Accessible City Award 2017

The City of Funchal, on the island of Madeira, is a candidate with 6 more foreign cities for the Accessible City Prize of 2017.
This award is delivered by the European Commission aims to recognize the strategies of cities in relation to accessibility, especially as regards the elderly and disabled people in public and private areas.
Funchal bay at sunset – credits:

This year’s edition will be awarded three awards and two honorable mentions. The honorable mention of “access to work” which seeks to recognize access to information on private and public employment. And the honorable mention of “accessible smart cities” which “recognizes the efforts of cities to become smart in an inclusive way, above all by ensuring that technology, user interfaces and related services are accessible to people with disabilities thanks to a Design for all. “
The island of Madeira has been a health tourism destination since the 18th century due to the climatic conditions it offers for the cure of respiratory diseases. In the 19th century it also began to be the destination of scientists who moved to study their fauna and flora On the website of the City of Funchal is available a map of the accessibilities of the municipality, to access click here
The Madeira capital competes with six other cities in Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Latvia and Sweden.
The winners will be announced on November 29th.
Good Luck Funchal !!
RTP Madeira –  Noticias do Atlântico

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