Mourão river beach with accessibilities

Versão Portuguesa

The second beach certified in the Alqueva dam was inaugurated in July. It is located in Mourão in Alentejo. It is the second and largest certified river beach in this dam.

This beach is served by a beach of 320 meters, and only 100 are supervised. It is also possible to enjoy a grassy area with 45 solar hats. This area is connected by walkways. With the picnic park. Also part of this beach is a floating pool for children and a floating platform with platform for jumps, for adults. One for adults another for kids. It has parking for 70 seats.

praia fluvial de mourão
Beach seen for the walkway. Credits:

Accessibility for people with disabilities.

According to the website of the Municipal Council of Mourão are underway works to make this beach accessible disabled, such as building a ramp for access to water, the purchase of an amphibious wheelchair, in addition to works contemplated in the project.


Location of GPS

Lat: 38.367420

Long: -7.355502
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