Adapted Surf on “Buondi Surf Sessions”

Versão Portuguesa

On 22 and 23 August in Praia de Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras and Peniche de Cima Beach in Peniche, a coffee brand and a Portuguese Association surfed Adapted and known surfer Garret Mac Namara will free surf lessons and for all.

Buondi Surf Sessions
Adapted surfer  seated on the surfboard  celebrating with Mc Namara and volunteers  credits:

These free classes are part of the Buondi Surf Sessions that will take place from August 15 to 19 on 9 beaches between Viana do Castelo and Tróia. In addition to the adapted surf, there will be paddle lessons and classes for young people practicing in local schools. In parallel, an event like Buondi’s surfing talks where there will be shared experiences between Mc Namara and national surf and public figures. There will also be a “Mc Namara Surf Trip” movie and live music with Portuguese DJs and artists.

With regard to adapted surfing this year, there will be something new. Surfboards adapted for the Peniche Refresh Boards will be available. These plates give a possibility to hold the chest and holding like legs, thus allowing greater autonomy practicing.

As Buondi Surfing Sessions began on August 15 and end at Penedo beach bored in Vila de Rei on August 29.


Beach Peniche de Cima

Av. Monsenhor Bastos 55, Peniche

Latitude – 39.36087

Longitude -9.369775

Beach of Santa Cruz (Mirante Beach)

Latitude 39.8 ’38 .49 “

Longitude 9 ° 22 ’32 .34 “
For more information, please contact


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