Queimadas Forest Park with accessible footpath

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Localized at Santana´s county at 15 minutes , by car, from Funchal, in the West side of Madeira island, at 900m high is the Queimadas Forest Park. With 30 footpaths, that all together, complete more than 100 km. One of these footpaths is accessible to people with physical disabilities and visual impairments.

Shelter House involved with vegetation – Credits : best guide

At the Park can be found plant species that are exclusives from Madeira. The exuberant vegetation, a Laurissilva forest( typical forest from Madeira) is a constant presence. Queimadas’s Park hosts species from other places as oaks and fir trees, some with more than 100 years old.

In the middle of the park, were begin and end all the footpaths, we are faced with a house that bring to our mind one of Hensel and Gretel histories. This house is the park’s ex-líbris. Is built with noble wood, from the island, and thatch. Its is open to the public in special occasions or with prior authorization.

There are 30 footpaths, with many difficulty levels. The footpaths with less difficulty level are tehe“Adenos” and the “Vinháticos” footpaths have about 1km. The footpaths with bigger difficulty level are “ Caldeirão Verde” and “Caldeirão do Inferno”.

Pico das Pedras, the accessible footpath

The park’s Management thought also in people with conditioned mobility, who might want visit it. It was created an accessible footpath for people with visual impairments and conditioned mobility. It is the only accessible footpath in Madeiraisland. Pico das Pedras, so it is called , is flat and without any relied, There is also a hand support and all along the walk and a guide is available. All together the footpaths make up more than 100km distance.

The area occupied by the Park between the 10 and 15 ha, don’t knowing were it begins or ends.

Every day dozens of visitors that there arrive. After running through some footpaths compare them with each other. But they all reach the same conclusion: this park has breathtaking views.


Madeira Essential Magazine nr 31  April/May 2012

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