Adapted Surf at Carcavelos Beach

Versão Portuguesa

In October 14 th, Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, the Surf addict Smiles Factory – Portuguese Adapted Surfing Association will be bringing joy to all who wish to try the Adapted Surf in Carcavelos Beach, near Cascais.

This beach  is well known by Surfers and  is part of the ” Accessible Beach, Beach for All” award.

This activity is aimed at people who have any type of disability. At the beach there will be volunteers to help all the participants. The event aims to help change mentalities, narrow the barrier of exclusion and strengthen relationships (group spirit), provide physical and mental well-being and contribute to the strengthening of self-esteem.

For this event to be possible, the participation of volunteers is required.

If you want to collaborate in this initiative follow this link
More information:
GPS Location


Latitude: N 38 ° 40’49.50 N

Longitude: W 9º20’12.10


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