Accessible Monserrate Palace

Versão Portuguesa

Located in the romantic town of Sintra, inserted in the Sintra – Cascais Natural Park, the Palace and Park offer visitors stunning gardens and an architecture that combines several influences. It is accessible to people with disabilities.
Since ancient times the village of Sintra has been known for having illustrious residents and visitors. From Portuguese  and foreign monarchs and foreign writers such as Oscar Wilde or Eça de Queiroz or Virgílio Ferreira were attracted by their bucolic landscapes associated with local vegetation and the local micro-climate.

It is in this context that the Monserrate Palace appears. It combines Gothic, Indian and Moorish influences, as well as exotic and vegetable motifs that extend harmoniously abroad.

The Monserrate Park has gardens with botanical species from the most varied regions of the World.

There are environmental awareness programs, programs for families and children.

Accessibility of the Monserrate Palace
The Sintra – Montes da Lua Parks, a municipal company responsible for the parks and palaces belonging to the city council, created the “Parques de Sintra Welcome Better” project with a view to making these spaces more accessible and inclusive.

In the last week of each month there are guided tours for people who are blind, deaf and wheelchair-bound.

In the Palace of Monserrate the disabled visitors have a 50% discount at the ticket office

  • Wheelchairs, available upon reservation
  • Traction equipment for mobility of manual wheelchairs,

available upon reservation

  • Map with indication of the most recommended route for disabled people, available at the ticket office
  • LGP interpreter service, available at the box office via video call (Serviin Service)
  • Parking places for people with disabilities
  • Accessible electric car on some routes of the Park
  • Route inclined to the Palace, possible to walk by people using the equipment of traction or electric transport
  • Affordable shop, cafeteria and toilet
  • Guide dog trough available in the cafeteria


  • Entrance to the Palace is accessible
  • It is possible to walk the entire length of the ground floor (there is no access to the 2nd floor and kitchenn for the disabled)
  • Accessible WC inside
  • Three-dimensional tactile Palace model available


Email: ;

Phone: 21 923 73 00 (work days from das 9:30 am to 6:30 pm)


Parque de Monserrate
2710-405 Sintra


GPS coordinates

38 ° 47 ‘30.70 “N

9º 25 ‘9.09 “W

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