Ílhavo Maritime Museum with accessibilities

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The  Ílhavo Maritime Museum , shows  to the public , the relationship between the people from Ílhavo, the Sea,  the Ria de Aveiro and Cod Fishing . It has an cods aquarium. Has elements that make it accessible to people with reduced mobility.

It all started in 1937 when a group of people decided to create a museum that depicted their roots , their customs , their regional ethnography . In 2001 the Maritime Museum is installed in the building where today everyone can visit it whole structure has access to wheelchairs. There is a guide in Braille for visually impaired visitors .

The Cod Fishing

The Aveiro region  is related to cod fishing for decades . In this region several generations of fishermen left for Newfoundland ( Canada) , in search of the ” faithful friend ” of the Portuguese .

The  Ílhavo Maritime Museum offers visitors five permanent exhibitions

Hall Faina Maior / Capt. Francisco Marques

The Odyssey of the Cod Fishing , is represented in the Faina Maior / Captain Francisco Marques hall . Here we can see, touch and enter in a replica of a ancient ship of Cod Fishing. The Tallship ” Faina Maior ” evokes and honors the men who navigated to cod in extreme conditions , in small boats, the dóris , trolling, sometimes paying with their lives this drudgery . In this room there Audiovisual materials , and tools ,from the  original period , showing what life was like on board, the anguish of the families who were on the ground waiting for the departers  to the Sea.

Ria’s Hall

In this room counts as was intended in the Ria de Aveiro . The visitor can see some utensils related to the extraction of salt and seaweed catch the two strongest industries in the region of Aveiro . You can also see the typical boats , life-size , Ria as Moliceiro used in harvesting the seaweed and salt shaker that served to extract salt from Ria

Shells and Seaweed’s Hall

In this room we can find part of a vast collection , the largest in the country , shells donated to the Museum in 1965 by Pierre Delpeut . The other part of the collection , which includes Seaweed can be seen in the Museum reserves .

 Seas Hall

Here the visitor can see repelics , at scale, of vessels inland waterway , coastal and offshore .

Painting Hall

The room Painting IMM contains paintings covering two realities , the maritime and fluvial navigation and a more ethnographic reality of the Municipality of Aveiro , many from local artists .

Cods Aquarium

Within the framework of the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of the ÍlhavoMaritime Museum , Yhe Ílhavo City Council inaugurated the Cod Aquarium, to promote the city as Capital Portuguese of Cod .

The construction of this tank was the result of a partnership between  the Ílhavo Matirime Museum and  Alsund Maritime Museum,  Norway . The norwegian museum plays an important role in institutional cooperation , providing technical support in the development and operation of the Aquarium Cod Maritime Museum of a and the free supply of codfish that live there .Accessibilities

The visit to the interior of the Museum is made by ramps to access the various rooms, which allows the movement of wheelchairs and pushchairs. There is a small Braille guide for blind visitors.


The visit to the interior of the Museum is made by ramps to access the various rooms, which allows the movement of wheelchairs and pushchairs. There is a small Braille guide for blind visitors.

Location and Contacts

Av Dr. Roque Madahíl

3830-193 ÍLHAVO

Tel : ( +351 ) 234 329 990

Fax : ( +351 ) 234 321 797

Mail : museuilhavo@cm-ilhavo.pt

N 40 ° 36 ‘ 16.11 ” | W 08 º 39’ 57.65 ”


March to September

Tuesday to Saturday – 10:00 to 18:00

Sunday – 14:00 to 18:00

October to February

Tuesday to Saturday – 10:00 to 18:00

Source :http://www.museumaritimo.cm-ilhavo.pt/

Special thanks :

Hugo Pequeno,Ílhavo Maritime Museum

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