Viana do Castelo Theater Festival with Audiodescription and Portuguese Sign Language


Versão Portuguesa
It will take place between 10 and 18 November, at the Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda, in Viana do Castelo, I Viana do Castelo Theater Festival. Most of the pieces will be Audiodescription and interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language.
Begins tomorrow a full week with performances of plays in Viana do Castelo. Everything will happen at the  Sá de Miranda Municipal Theater. This event involves professional companies from Northem Portugal  and the organization is in charge of the Northeast Theater and the Viana do Castelo City Council.


Íris Inclusiva, a local blind association is also a partner of this Festival. The members and clients of this Association will have a discount of 60% on the tickets of each show. For blind spectators there will be 30 minutes before each show a touch recognition session. To participate in these sessions, the interested parties must make a prior appointment. The Iris includes double-sided reading sheets for the blind and people who see.

To see the schedules and the pieces on display, click here (This  information is only in portuguese).

There will also be parallel activities to the festival. this parallel events will be organized by cultural associations and by students from schools in the region. See  here (This information is only in portuguese)

There will be free transportation to the festival.See here ( This information is only in Portuguese)


Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda

Rua de Sá de Miranda,

4900-529 Viana do Castelo


Phone:  258 823 259


Coordenadas GPS


Latitude:  41.695519

Longitude: -8.828821


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