Park Tour with Portuguese Sign Language

Versão Portuguesa

Next Saturday, November 18th, the Porto City Council, through its Environment Department, will take the Guided Tour with Portuguese Sign Language at Parque Oriental do Porto.

It is already next Saturday the last “Walk in the Park” since the year, next to the Rio Tinto, at Parque Oriental do Porto. The Environment Department of the City Council of Porto launched, last June, the program of guided tours to the city’s urban parks, revealing its flora, its particularities and the stories related to each one of them.

This last visit will take place in Parque Oriental City will be led by the architect Sidónio Pardal, author of the project of the Park around 14:30.



Telephone: 225 320 080.



Alameda de Azevedo,

s / n, 4300-052 Porto

How to get there

Metro: Lines A, B, C, E and F

Station: Campanhã (connection with Urban and Interurban Buses)

STCP: 205, 400 and ZR

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