Palace of Bragança Dukes more Accessible

Versão Portuguesa

The Palace of the Dukes of Bragança, located at Monte Latito in Guimarães adapted its facilities to receive with impaired physical and intellectual visitors.

Ordered to built in the fifteenth century by D. Afonso (illegitimate son of King John I and D. Inês Pires Esteves) 1st Duke of Bragança. It is a large palace and features fortified house.

Having only been inhabited soon after its construction, in the following centuries, this secular property has been abandoned. In the twentieth century was recovered and refurbished with parts dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, such as tapestries, Indo-Portuguese and Spanish-Arabic furniture, porcelains India Company and Portuguese ceramics.

For António Ponte, director, ” to make the monument more accessible and inclusive is the biggest challenge”. Last year the project was presented to improve the accessibility contemplating people with physical, visual and mental impairments. The fact that Guimarães is the European Capital of Culture in 2012 and applying for EU funds favored the financial implementation of the project.

The improvements were implemented in the installation of an elevator that ensures the connection of the ground floor to the first floor, the first floor were placed ramps and walkways. People with visual impairments have at their disposal a Braille script and a selection of pieces to play and learn.

For people with mental difficulties were created several activities planned and targeted to their specific.

How to visit  – This information is only avalaiblein portugues


Rua Conde D. Henrique,
4810-412 Guimarães

 GPS coordinates

41º26’47” N;

08º17’28” w


Telefone: 351 253 412 273

GPS Localization

41º26’47” N  08º17’28” w


Turismo Adaptado

Paço do Duques de Bragança

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