Tur4all.pt, the Accessible Tourism Portal in Portugal.

Versão Portuguesa
The first online platform dedicated exclusively to Accessible Tourism in Portugal and Spain was presented last February 27th at the Auditorium of the Vodafone Foundation. It is called Tur4allt is the result of a partnership of Accessible Portugal. of the Vodafone Foundation of Tourism of Portugal, ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism and PREDIF

Tur4all.pt provides information on all types of accommodation, monuments, museums, adapted transport, restaurants, with menus in braille or people with knowledge of Portuguese Sign Language any other resource and services and equipment for people with special needs.
The information on this portal is validated by specialized technicians, who were based on the methodologies for evaluating accessibility criteria for tourism resources. These criteria were validated by public and private entities in support of people with disabilities and by representatives of the tourism sector.

There are three types of registration in Tur4all.pt Private companies, public entities and user. It is possible for a user to give his opinion, to evaluate an insert information about a monument, a museum, lodging, restaurants.

There is also information on how to buy tickets for Airplane, Train, rent a car. information on specialized travel agencies, support products and home support services.

At this time the platform and the app are only available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Soon they will be available in French, German, Italian and Mandarin. The application is only available Android Smartphones. those responsible expect to have the IOS version available from June this year.




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