Guided Visit in Portuguese Sign Language to D. Dinis Wall

Versão Portuguesa


On April 14th, Locus Acceso will take a guided tour, with interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language, to the D. Dinis Wall, at the Money Museum in Lisbon.


During this visit, participants will be able to see archaeological finds that will take them to the lisbon of the s. XIII, when the city of Lisbon was gaining great economic dynamism due to the beginning of the Portuguese maritime expansion
“In the Center of Interpretation of the D. Dinis Wall it is possible to understand how this defensive structure of the century. XIII influenced the later urbanism of the capital. The exhibition is divided by thematic areas and gathers several stories: on the king and his time, the historical becoming and the contribution of the archeology for the interpretation of the vestiges.

The wall is presented to the visitor in an intimate setting, which privileges the interpretation of the fragments and the iconography and takes advantage of the immersion in the environments of the crypt and the underground of the building. The section of the wall exposes the evidence of history through archaeological remains that identify different moments of its evolution.

Different forms of exposure are used: multimedia resources that recreate sensorial atmospheres of the time, sounds of everyday life, medieval music, graphic representations, 3D animations, written documents, films and fragments of real objects.”


This visit will take place from 10:30 to 12:00 am



Bank of Portugal – Largo de S. Julião



GPS Coordinates:

38 ° 42 ‘30.85 “N

 9 ° 8 ‘20.64 “W


Locus Acesso contacts

Tel .: 911531627

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