“The Amazing variety of the World” with Audiodescription.


Versão Portuguesa


On April 21th, at 11:00 am will be held at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos in the exhibition “The Amazing Variety of the World”. This exhibition as Audiodescription in Portuguese. This event is open to the public from February 18th to June 3th.



“The astonishing variety of the world proposes a scientific reflection, on the unusual – associated with the unknown, the difference and the rarity – on extraordinary beings of today and of the other times, through objects, fanciful drawings or representations from the real. The world, natural and social, is a permanent source of awe, whether by the regularity of its order or by the surprise of difference.

Amazement and rarity, as well as the unknown, summon the imagination and enlarge the world beyond the real.

As a figure of alterity, the figure that reflects the other, the one we do not know and imagine, the “monster” appears with particular emphasis in the travel literature. They are “monsters” the Sirens of Homero’s Odyssey, but they are also the people of strange customs in the far lands visited, the East by Marco Polo, and Mostrengo who keeps the sea to sail. The edge of the world, the seafront, the shore that separates the land from the unknown, is inhabited by extraordinary creatures.

If the unknown summons monsters and wonderful beings, knowledge and science, look at them with curiosity and questioning. Does the difference arise from an anomaly or multifaceted wealth? From the 19th century the prodigies of the past demystify themselves giving space to others, whether they are manipulated in the laboratory, those who continue to inhabit the banks of the unknown, the margins of human ingenuity and technique.


The Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Located on the west bank of the city of Lisbon, the Monument to the Discoveries is a work of sculptor Cottineli Telmo (1897 – 1948) by the sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida (1898 – 1975).

Initially the building was built for the Portuguese World Exhibition in 1940. In the early 60’s of last century the building is intervened throughout its structure giving the Standard a lookout, an auditorium and exhibition halls.

In this area of ​​the city you can visit the Navy Museum, the Belém Cultural Center, the new Car Museum and the Presidency of the Republic Museum and the Belém Tower. This last monument is not accessible to wheelchair users.

ThePadrão dos Descobrimentos  symbolizes the entire epic of the Portuguese in the Sea and the Infante D. Henrique, the main dynamizer and central figure of this Monument.

Ticket office

The guided tours are subject to booking.

The price ticket vary from €4 to €2




Av. Brasília 1400-038 Lisboa

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.693838

Longitude: -9.212788


+351 213 031 950

Email info@padraodosdescobrimentos.pt




Belém Station


Career 15


728 – 714 – 727 – 729 – 751

Underground passage

Next to the Cultural Center of Belém

Aerial passage

Next to the station of Belém and the Tower of Belém

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